Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shredding Sunday

We started the day off in the best possible way and attended church and breakfast with friends. Then to add to a great Sunday, Michigan State beat Tennessee in the Elite Eight, on to Indianapolis next Saturday and two more games till they are declared the NCAA Champions. Sorry Wilsons, Baylor didn't fare as well with Duke.

Fortunately, we had enough shredding to keep Bob busy during the games. When you get ready to leave your house, there are many boxes of papers saved over the years, like pictures they multiple. Here is Bob shredding before the shredder had to stop because it overheated.

One of the reasons we have decided to retire and rv full time, is so we can spend more time with our grandchildren. Addie had an Easter egg hunt today! We missed it but Heather is great about sending pictures. Here is Addie before the hunt started. Loved her outfit!  Another look at the end and it looks like she did well.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Memories or Junk a New Perspective

Bob and I are heading to Myrtle Beach on Friday. We are going to join a group called RV-Dreams for a rally to learn more about full-timing and to get some last minute information on buying our RV. I decided it would be good to start blogging on a regular bases as we prepare to start this new journey.

Bob thought he would be retired by now, but has posponed retirement till May 3rd and I am done May 21st. We are in the process of getting the house ready to rent. Renting doesn't seem to be the hard part. The hard part for us is getting all the stuff in our house, ready to sell, give away or store. I have been watching "Clean House" for years, and had hopes that I had picked up a few tips. It does seem like there is an endless amount of stuff that has multiplied into ever space of our home.

Each weekend we decided to clean out one room. We started with our children's bedrooms. We thought they would be the easiest because the children have been gone for about a decade. However, their memories remain, and that is what is so hard. Ofcourse, I assumed my children would want all their memories (old stuff) but to my shock and amazement what was memories to me, was just old stuff, maybe even junk to them.

Photos are the worst!! It seems like every Sunday evening, I am sitting on the couch going through old pictures. This is tough and I recommend if you have not been throwing things away or scanning them to a computer you should start now. Those of you who have been scrapbooking are way ahead of the game. Being creatively challenged, unlike my friend Shellie who can make anything out of everything,I have never gotten into organizing my pictures. I have boxes of pictures, albums, and slides in no order what so ever. I also have boxes full of pictures my mother handed down to me, which include pictures her mother handed down to her. I think they multiply in these boxes over the years since no one is looking at them. Maybe Heather and Scot are right about not beinging willing to inherit their mother's, grandmother's and great-grandmother's clutter?