Monday, November 26, 2012

Perot Science Museum

We have watched for several seasons this museum being constructed downtown Dallas.  Heather and Craig are members so we got to check it out one day of their soft opening. Papa and Asher couldn't wait to see the whole place.

It was amazing! Asher liked the dinosaur floor.

He also liked trying to be a bird and picking up food with various beaks.

We made it down to the Children's floor and Asher drove a truck.

Claire liked the museum also, especially the Toddler area.

They had a model of Dallas, where Asher became a builder.

Here is a view of downtown Dallas from the museum.

Claire like picking (throwing) all the flowers that were there for a patterning activity.

We would like to come back and explore this museum as adults, but it was fun to see through our grandchildren eyes.

Friday, November 23, 2012

November in Fort Worth and Dallas

We arrived in Grand Prairie, Texas on November 19th. We stayed a new campground this visit.  We stayed at Lloyd's Park at Joe Poole's lake.  It will be our new spot in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area from now on because we can park right on the lake and it is half way between Heather and Scot.  Isn't this a nice spot.

We visited our grand dog at Scot's house.  This is Sondheim checking us out at the the window.  Such a cute guard dog.  We had Thanksgiving with Scot and Sondheim at Mimi's.  It was a wonderful day.

We met Heather and the children at a new park downtown Dallas.

Here I am with my girls.  It was a fun day.