Friday, April 20, 2012

Rodeo and a Concert

Our last week, Addie's school was studying Texas.  Her dad, a Texan himself, said we start indoctrinate early. At the end of the week, Addie's school had a rodeo.
First you must dress like a cowgirl and wear boots.  It helps to yell Yippee!

Every cowgirl needs a horse.

The students played horseshoes.

At the rodeo the students made their own stick horse, threw cow patties, (moon pies), had a milk pail relay, and pin the badge on the sheriff.  Addie also learn to make the Texas flag.  It has a lone star, she told me.

Claire got into the Texas spirit and wore her sock boots.

It seemed all the students had a great time.

After getting the ok from the doctor to leave, we stayed one more might to go to Addie's concert.

She was awesome!  We might be prejudge but it"s the right of every grandparent.
Uncle Scotty came to see Addie's performance also.

We are blessed to have such wonderful children and grandchildren.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fun with the Grandchildren

In between doctor appointments, tests and the cardioversion, we had the opportunity to enjoy the grandchildren and their very active lives.
Heather wanted to try some sensory tubs with the children. Asher wasn't too sure.  He doesn't like messy things.

Papa spent quality time with his newest granddaughter, Claire.

We attended Heather's soccer practice. She is a very good player.

She likes to score and doesn't care who she pushes down, her teammates or the opposing team members.
Dad is trying to teach her to assist as well as make goal.  So far he hasn't been successful.

Swinging after soccer is a tradition.

Bob helped plant a small vegetable garden in Heather's backyard.

Addie painted pots for the herb garden.

Asher helped too.

But Asher loves his sister most of all. And Claire is crazy about him.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dallas, Doctors, and Delays

We got into DFW on Sunday, April 1st.  Bob was in a wheel chair and I was exhausted.  Heather picked us up and took us to her house.  On Monday, we called our primary care doctor but he couldn't see us till Thursday.  I was too tired to fight but, when I told Heather she called back and we got in that afternoon.  The doctor changed Bob's medicines and referred us to an electro-physiologist cardiologist.  We called to make an and he couldn't see us till 4/29th.  I was feeling better so of course I wouldn't accept that and was told that if our primary care physician would call we might get in quicker.  He called and we had an appointment on Thursday.  On Thursday we learned Bob would need a cardioversion, a change in medicine and then an ablation later in the year.  A cardioversion, is when the stop your heart and then with the paddles like you see in the movies, they shock you back to life.  My son in law would say it like rebooting a computer.  Turn it off and turn it on.  We scheduled the cardioversion for 4/18.  Then left to recoup and enjoy our grandchildren.
We were happy to be with them for Easter.  The Easter Bunny brought Asher, Addie, and Claire a bubble machine.

 Addie and Asher had a ball with the bubbles.

Next was an Easter egg hunt.
Asher showed off his find.

Addie was counting up her eggs.

Addie and Asher's cousin Miles Wilson was dedicated on Easter Sunday so we all went to the service.

After church, we went  to Maggiano's for lunch and then back to the house for dessert. We were happy to share Easter with Heather's family.