Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cruise to the Caribbean

While Bob was in the hospital in January, Heather and Scot and I decided we would take a trip to celebrate his successful surgery.  Scot and I decided on a cruise in March.  Heather and I decided to take the grandchildren to Disney World in December.  Well, March arrived and Scot, Bob, and I headed to Galveston, TX to board our cruise boat, Royal Caribbean.  This would be Scot's first cruise.  We have been on many.  Here we are leaving the Port of Galveston.  We were headed to Roatan in Honduras, then Belize, and finally Cozumel.

This is our first dinner and only dinner that Bob enjoyed.

Bob got sick that evening, we thought it was the stomach flu.  I had the flu the week before, so the second day Scot and I were on our own.

We had lunch at Johnny Rockets on the boat.  The waiters entertained us.  Scot laid out at the pool and I got a massage and a manicure and pedicure.  We felt great and were ready for the first formal night.

Bob was still sick, so Scot and I went into Roatan ourselves.  We were greeted at the port.

Scot and I took a small boat to a private island.

The island was beautiful.  Weather perfect.
 We had a wonderful lunch.

Scot and I had our pictures taken by the Mayan God.
A replica.

We went to see the animals on the island.  Scot got his picture with this monkey.

When we got home, Bob was still feeling bad.  He had been to the doctor and the boat and had gotten some medicine.  The next day we docked in Belize.  Bob was very weak, so Scot and I took him down to the doctor's again.  They did and EKG ran some tests and told  us that Bob needed to see a cardiologist in Belize.  Bob said he would rather not.  The doctor told him it was not his choice. So off we went.

Bob's atrial fibrillation had returned.  His blood pressure was high and his heart rate about 140. The boat did not have the facilities to take care of him.  He had to be stabilized before we could fly home to Dallas.  Scot and I went back and got Bob and my luggage.  We decided it would be better for Scot to continue on the cruise, so he could get his car, get Pralines from the kennel and then meet us in Dallas.
This is the cafeteria, outside the main building of the hospital.  You can see things were not ideal.

The cardiologist worked on Bob's medication.  He had several tests and finally 4 days later, Bob stabilized and we got to go home.  The medical staff, nurses and all at the hospital were wonderful to us.  But they also did not have the equipment to help Bob.  So we headed to Dallas, to see doctors there.

We were glad to go home to Dallas.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Eating with Friends

As you all know, I don't cook.  Stouffers and I had kept Bob and  I alive the last two years as we travel around this beautiful country, but it does seem I choose my friends by who likes to eat out.  Once we hit Mission, I joined a new group in which my Illinois friend Jackie introduced me to. The LEO Club, it stands for Let's Eat Out.  Perfect for me.
We like all types of food.  This is Mama Mia's and of course it is Italian.

We like to eat outside and near water. One of our favorites is the Riverside Club.
Rio Grande River behind us.  

We also went to this Ranch on the Rio Grande.  I don't remember the name and the food was forgettable, but the atmosphere and company were super.

Doesn't it look inviting.

Inside, was really cool, but outside on the river, Rio Grande, was perfect for me.

We took a ranch tour.  The ride was a little rough but we enjoyed it none the less.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Boating at South Padre Island, Texas

We took two boat trips this year.  The first to Brownsville, with all our Illinois friends.  Jacki and Chico Garvis and Bob and I became friends the first year we came to Bentsen Grove.  This year several of their friends came down to join them and we were outnumbered by the Illinois group.  Also Millie and Larry Laux who had long been coming to Bentsen Grove, were from Illinois also.  They let us pretend we were from Illinois.  On a very cool morning to headed to Brownsville.

We of course had food with us.

We saw shrimp boats.

We saw lots of boats being tore up for their metal, but home land security wouldn't let us take pictures in Brownsville harbor.  No, I'm not kidding. Afterwards, we went to Coconuts for lunch. The restaurant was open air and we just about froze to death, but shrimp was big and really good.

Our second trip was arranged by Kathy and David Whittier on a Pirates' Boat.

There were real pirates aboard.  Here is one with Kathy our hostess.

Bob got in to the spirit of the trip with a mustache.  I think he looks a little like Sherlock Holmes.

Jackie and Chico had mustaches too.

There were musicians.

Jackie even swept up doubloons.

A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mission Activities in March

 For Valentine Day, I wanted a new bike.  Bob and I got bikes last year, used.  Bob was happy with his, but mine had speeds, 5 I think and hand brakes. I never felt safe on that bike.  I didn't want speeds or hand brakes.  So after a year, Bob bought me a new bike for me, a Cruiser.  No speeds and back brakes.  I love it.

Some of our friends play ping pong.  We have a large hanger that houses ping pong tables and pickle ball courts, as well as rooms for the rock club and wood carving.

Bob and I joined the rock club.  We work with glass and make jewelry.  It is call "glass fusion."  Here are some pendants we made his season.  We make two a week, so you'll all probably get some as gifts.

We also attended our first rodeo.

We saw the bull riding.  Our favorite, was the little children doing mutton bustin.  It was great!

The mutton bustin was done by children, I'd say under 5.  Here is one of the winners.

Actually, everyone wins.  Notice the safety gear.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Trip North to Babysit

Addie was asked to be in her cousins wedding as a flower girl.  The wedding was in Nashville, Tennessee. So, Bob, Pralines, and I drove to Dallas to babysit Asher.

Before Addie left for the wedding, she got a new dress.  Grandma got it for her at Pioneer Days.

Grandma also got a little loving on Claire before she headed to the wedding with Addie.

Asher was a perfect boy.  Always a smile on his face.

I didn't have much to do, because Asher is Bob's boy.

We went to the park and Asher had lots of fun.  Check his hair out.

Besides the slide he liked riding the caterpillar.

Addie was also having fun.  Here she is with the girls in the wedding.

Addie loved her boots and was showing them off in this picture to all the girls.

Addie sure looks happy!

This is Addie with the Bride, her cousin Michelle Piland.

The girls rode to the wedding location in a horse driven wagon.

Mauling the ring bearer.

When Addie got home she found out other places to wear her boots.