Friday, September 27, 2013

Design for Life Conference

Last year, Heather and I, and her mother in law, Vicki and a friend attend this women's conference in Springfield, Missouri at James River Assembly of God Church.  We enjoyed it so much we decided to make it an annual event and we all invite friends.  My friends came all the way from Ventura, CA.

Of course before the conference began, we had to eat at Lambert's, where they throw rolls at you.  Their portions were very large.

The conference was amazing. Approximately 4,000 in attendance.

The speakers from this year were; Nancy Alcorn, Mercy Ministries, John and Helen Burns, also with Mercy Ministries, and Donna Crouch from Hillsong Ministries. Wonderful uplifting 

One of the speakers, Nancy Alcorn, was a missionary to Uganda.  She shared the need for panties and bras for the ladies there.  This stage is full of the panties and bras brought by attendees to shower the ladies of Uganda.

Loved this sign.  Need to remember to put it into practice.

This was our group.  From left to right, Jacki Gilmore, Heather Wilson, Charlene Henard, Kathy Warnke, Vicki Wilson, Jennifer Byrd, and Catherine Wilson.

 So large it has out grown the church and will be at JQH Arena at MSU next year and yes we've already signed up.  Anyone want to join us.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Branson Missiour

In the Fall we like to visit Branson, Mo. The leaves are beginning to change there and I attend a Women's Retreat at James River Assembly of God Church.

We went to Branson Landing to do some shopping have dinner.  These are the musical fountains.

We had dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. Great view of  Lake Taneycomo.  Yes, I 
know it looks like a river to me too.

We went to two shows before the retreat.  This was the Abba Tribute.  Lots of tributes in Branson.

Money, money...

We also saw Ayo: Voices of Glory,  They were great.  They were one of the finalist on America's Got Talent.


They are a brother and sister act.  The oldest brother is 21, then 17 and the little sister is 13.

They did some modern songs, Motown, jazz, blues, gospel and of course ended with a patriotic medley.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


As most of you know Pralines travels with us.  She has been a little offended that I haven't included her in many of my blogs, so here is one dedicated to her.

This is one of my four beds.  I like this one because it is right next to mom.

I like traveling and checking out new spots.  You can find leftover food around these grills and picnic tables.

Dad and I play catch.  Sometimes I watch him fetch and 

sometimes I fetch.

This is my duck.  I can catch it in the air, sometimes.

I am not known as a bird dog, so catching the duck is a pretty outstanding feat.

Mom got a new Lazy Boy recliner and I decided to check it out.
I learned it wasn't bought for me.

Love traveling, everyday is a new place to explore.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ohio: Family and Friends

Every September, over Labor Day weekend, we meet my sister and her husband.  This is the second year that we met at the State Park at Mochican.  It is a great park, one of our favorite.  Bill, my brother-in-law, is a master fire builder.  We enjoyed many fires and a few too many glasses of wine around campfires.

While we were here, we had a chance to get Bob's pacemaker checked.  Haven't done it since May.  You have to find a land line to check it.  Anyway, he was in a-fib again.  Thankfully my sister works for a Pediatric Cardiologist and he was able to get us into to see someone quickly.
That's my excuse for no pictures here.  

After a week in Mochican, we drove closer to my sister's home in Cuyahoga Falls and camped at West Branch.  This is either our 3rd or 4th time camping here.
We saw the referred cardiologist on Tuesday and Bob needed a Caridoversion.  This was to be his third, so it wasn't a surprise.  We saw Dr. V. on Tuesday and Thursday Bob got rebooted at Akron General Hospital.

Tuesday evening, I met with 13 of my former classmates from high school.  Class of 1967.  We look pretty good I think.

By Friday morning, Bob was back to normal and we continued our stay with my family.  We went to dinner Friday with my  niece Andrea and a friend of my sister, who usually camps with us Patty.

My niece Andrea.  

Bob and Bill.  Bob was out of the hospital one day here.  You can see he looks good.

My sister and our friend Patti.

The next day the rest of my nieces and their family came out to West Branch for a BBQ.

My niece Valerie on the left, middle is Nikki, and in the lounge chair is my sister Charlene.

Their hard working husbands.  JT holding the wood, Mike in the background and Bill, my brother-in-law, wielding the axe.

My great nieces, Gracie and Lucy.
Don't we grow pretty children.

  And Melainee and Lydia our youngest.

I was so thankful to have family near when Bob had an emergency.  God also seems to know what we need when we need it.  Love our time with family and friends.