Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

We were supposed to be in Mission for Christmas Day and Scot was coming to join us there instead...

we joined Scot and Sondheim in Ft. Worth for Christmas.  This change of due to the fact that Bob was scheduled for surgery on January 5th.  (Sondheim wanted me to tell you he has a Santa's outfit on, it is not a dress.)

We went to dinner at Vance Godbey.  It had a Christmas Buffet with just about anything you could want,ham, turkey, Filet minion, prime rib, ribs and on and on.  Scot usually doesn't like buffet, but he even agreed that this was delicious.

After dinner we went back to Scot's and he and Sondheim entertained us.  Some music but lots of conversation.  Very enjoyable Christmas Day.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Waiting for surgery

Bob spent lots of time with his grandchildren.

Notice Bob's new hat.  Dr. Jones suggested it, to avoid skin cancer.

Bob attending Addie's Christmas program,

and played with a Jack in the Box with Asher.

Bob went to the movies with Addie to see the Chipmunks.

He went with Asher to the Arboretum and

met Rudolph and Frosty with Addie there.

He went sailing with Asher at the park.

Oh yes, Bob has had MRI, MRA, echo cardiogram and a carotid artery ultrasound.  He's met with two different surgeons and finally decided to have the roto rooter surgery on January 5th, at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, the same hospital where Heather will deliver on the 9th of January. But best of all he let Heather, Craig and I tag along.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gilmore Christmas

We share Christmas' with the Wilson.  One year we are with the children and the next year the Wilson's are.  So, we decided to have an early Christmas before heading to Mission, TX.  We went to church and then headed to a restaurant called Celebration.  We'd been here several times, they serve family style.  It is located in a house with several rooms, so it can be intimate.  Craig passed on lunch and took Asher home so he'd get a before we started opening gifts.

The kids and grandma could hardly wait.

Addie got a pottery wheel from Scot.  Scot likes to select gifts that are either messy or loud.

He also got them musical toys for their bath. Addie was trying out the flute.

Craig helping Asher tear through his gifts.

Addie did a good job of reading names and getting the right present to the right person.

I got a backpack from the Craig and Heather. It is a small one just what I wanted.

Asher's favorite present was his bubble blowing lawn mower.

Scot and Sounheim outside Heather's house. Sondheim got a bones, a new blanket, and a raincoat that was too small.

The Thursday before our Christmas, we learned that Bob was going to have surgery on his carotid artery on his right side was 70% blocked.  Dr. Jones said we couldn't go to Mission, TX until Bob got it checked out by a vascular surgeon.  So we have extended our stay here.  If he has to have surgery, Dallas has many fine doctors and the children are her to support us.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Build a Bear Party

Addie had one more birthday party.  It was a Build a Bear party.  Here she is with her friends.

Ten friends sat in a circle thinking of names for their bears.

Lots of adults attended this party also.

Each bear got a heart.

Now for the stuffing.

After your bear is stuffed it get fluffed.

The Dads!!

Rebecca and her bear.

Ben with his bear.

Addie's bear, named Hello Kitty.

Asher waiting patiently for the kids to come for food.

Party ready.

The children are ready.

Addie wanted a cookie instead of a cake.

After the party, Addie went shopping for clothes for her bear.  I just love her!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Candlelight Christmas in Ryan Place Holiday Home Tour

Friday evening we went to dinner at a Mediterranean Restaurant called Chadra Mezza and Grill. It was Rachelle and Shellie's last night in town and we were headed to the Ryan Place Holiday Tour.  I am not a Mediterranean foods fan, so I had fettuccine, but the rest had the buffet and the conscientious was that it was great.

The first house we went to was The Taccia Home.  This grand home, commissioned by businessman Jule Smith in 1918, is one of the largest on the street.  With over 6,500 square feet on the two main floors its spaciousness is enhanced by the way the rooms are positioned to create a feeling of vast distance.  The facade of the house is almost ninety feet long, and the upper gallery and third floor "ballroom" are designed to take advantage of the tremendous length.  The Taccias became the third homeowners when they purchased it in 1994.

Sorry, but no interior pictures were allowed.

There were five houses on the tour.  The West Home, the second we visited, is a bit different than the original, but you get used to maneuvering around the circular steel stairwell, sliding down the fireman's pole, and living in an open space.  What was once a single story house, built in 1915, had a traditional floor plan, with many doors, a long narrow hallway, single bath, and a dark and dirt filled basement.

When third owners, Gary & Terri West, purchased the home in 2006 they had a different vision.  Keeping the original iron flashed brick facade, they tossed most everything else.  The objective was an efficient, well insulated, easily maintained home, with a splash of "different." 

Next we toured St. John's Episcopal Church.  St. John's was established as a mission church in 1924 and moved across the street to it present site in 1925. The overall diminutive scale of the building reflects a true English charm.  The present sanctuary and office wing were constructed in 1952.  The Dorothea Children's Chapel, classrooms and kitchen were built in 1965.

We headed a short way down the street to The Buky Home.  This home was purchased in January of 2011 and  in forty-five days was transformed from a chopped up floor plan and unremarkable exterior into an open, update d home with a Mediterranean flair. (Originally it is believed this was a Sears and Roebuck catalogue home.) 

In the backyard was an unusual bottle brush tree.

The last home we toured was The Bennett Home. It was the smallest we toured about 1,000 square feet. Built before World War II in 1939, this home is fairly typical of its time period.  What I enjoyed seeing was the 1930's phone nook.  No longer needed for a landline phone, it makes a lovely small display area.  Where I grew up, these booths were called Virgin Mary booths. Patti Bennett had a large collection of Nutcrackers on display for the holiday season.

No pictures of the interior were allowed. It was a lovely evening with friends who are like family!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Birthday Party

December 1st is Addie's birthday.  When it is your birthday, you must wear the birthday hat.

Asher wanted to wear the birthday hat also.

Dodad and Kiki were there.  Uncle Matt and Aunt Catherine were there.

Aunt Shellie and Aunt Rachelle were in town and were at the party too.  Aunt Shellie came from California and Aunt Rachelle was her from Afghanistan.

A butterfly pillow pet was a favorite gift.

Addie wanted brownies instead of a cake.  Dodad watched as she blew out her four candles.

Barbies was the "gift" of the night.  What a happy girl!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Visit with Santa

Heather sent us ahead to North Park Mall to get a ticket to see Santa, so the wait would not be so long for the children.  Well, to our surprise and Heather's, Santa was doing a story hour.  No one had seen Santa this morning.  We were number 59, so we were told maybe around 12:30 a.m.  It was 11:00.

So we went to lunch.  Scot had gotten Addie a gift card for Bath and Body.  We went there and let Addie pick.  Wasted a lot of time.  

We then went to story time with Scrooge.

Addie was really into the story.

Heather had a change of clothes for the children.  A great picture in the end.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dallas Zoo with Addie and Asher

We visited the Dallas Zoo.

We saw giraffes.

Lions up close.

And elephants.

Heather is riding an elephant.

Asher loves his Papa and his mom.

Riding like a lady.

Riding like Addie.

Asher rode a different type of pony.

We tried to get a picture of the four of us, all smiling. But you can see it was tough.

We had a late lunch at Mike Andersen's Barbecue.  Craig said this was the best barbecue in Dallas. Bob agreed. Addie and Craig shared dessert, a double chocolate cake.  Heather and I decided we should go shopping and let Papa and Craig babysit.  Women will understand why. (That much chocolate makes children hyper.)