Monday, May 30, 2011

Hunting for Cape Arago Lighthouse but a find of a Botanical Garden

Cape Arago is not easy to find, and since it is owned by area tribes it is not open to the public.  This is about as good as a photo as we could get and we tried from several locations. The original lighthouse was built in 1866 and then again in 1908, both succumbing to weather and erosion. 

After locating Cape Arago, we stumbles across Shore Acres Botanical Gardens and what a find.  Originally the private summer home of shipbuilder and lumberman Louis J. Simpson, the gardens were purchased by the state in 1942.

The flowers were in full bloom and the colors were vibrant.

The quietness and beauty were just what our spirits needed. 
 Like I said what a find!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Lighthouse on Oregon Coast. Umpqua River Lighthouse

This was the first lighthouse on the Oregon Coast originally built on the north pit of the river in 1857.  It fell into the river in 1861 after the sand eroded under the foundation.  The current structure with 65-foot tower overlooks sand dunes from 165 feet elevation on south side of the bay.  Lens emits distinctive red and white automated flashes.

This is looking up into the lens at the top of the lighthouse.

Views were awesome!  We were told we might see whales here...... but
we didn't. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Coquille River Lighthouse

In my last blog, I said that Bob had decided that we needed to try and see all the lighthouses on the Oregon Coast.  Just south of Coos Bay are two lighthouses.  We made a trip back to the south to see them.  We passed Cape Arago Lighthouse before we knew it and ended up at the Coquille River Lighthouse first.

Pralines was not allowed in the lighthouse.  She and I were not crazy about stairs anyway, so our feelings were not hurt. Located in Bullards Beach State Park the Coquille River Lighthouse is found.  It was commissioned in 1896 to guide mariners across a dangerous bar.  Decommissioned in 1939 following improvements to river channel and other navigational aids.  Restored in 1979 as an interpretive center.  Solar-powered system operates light atop 40-foot octagonal tower.

 Lots of drift wood on the Oregon beaches.

Ocean view of back of lighthouse.

This is the replacement for the lighthouse, it is a fog horn.
We left seeing Cape Arago Lighthouse for another day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cape Blanco Lighthouse

While I was in Tucson, Bob and Pralines decided to visit Cape Blanco Lighthouse.  Since I didn't see this lighthouse I will have to tell you what the tourist info says about it.  Cape Blanco is the oldest standing lighthouse on the Oregon coast:  commissioned in 1870 to aid shipping generated by gold mining and the lumber industry.  This started Bob on a mission to see all 9 lighthouses on the Oregon Coast.

Like I said, I don't know much about this as I was in Tucson.  I returned to Portland, Oregon on Tuesday, May 24th.  Bob picked me up at the airport after a 6 hour flight.  I flew from Tucson to Vegas. then Vegas to Salt Lake City and then to Portland.  After closing up moms house in the morning, turning in her Comcast devices and traveling all day, I was beat. Bob had made reservations at a La Quinta near the airport and I was most grateful to not have a 6 to 7 hour drive home.  I was too tried to go out to eat so we ordered a pizza. The next morning a little more rested we headed to Brookings.  By the time we got home around 4:00 p.m. I sure didn't want to ride in anything for awhile, but the next morning we headed to Coos Bay, Oregon.  We stayed a nice RV park at The Mill Casino.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Days in Tucson

I visited my mom in March.  She was not well.  She was not eating right and her ankles were swollen.  We talked to her about getting some help.  She would not see a doctor.  She would not let us get her some help.  She didn't want people in the house.  The night before we left, Bob talked to her about the fact that we thought she had congestive heart failure.  She acknowledge that she knew that.  Bob talked with her about getting some medicine from the doctor.  She absolutely refused.  Bob my sensitive husband, left that night in tears.  We arranged for Merry Maids to come.  Set her up with Interfaith to drive her places and to get her groceries.  She let Merry Maids come out once after we left and then told them they didn't need to come back for 3 months.  She did meet with the lady from Interfaith, but was too weak once she qualified to call and make up a shopping list.

By May, mom was really weak.  One  phone call she finally said that she wanted Charlene and I to take over her bills, life etc.  Charlene and her husband Bill and I, flew into Tucson.  Charlene and Bill came from Akron, Ohio and I flew from Portland.  To get to Portland, Bob drove 7 hours from Brooking, Oregon to take me to the airport.  He and Pralines then had a 7 hour drive back.

The next 10 days, Charlene, Bill and I got mom to start eating.  We had her start on Ensure.  Met with the attorney, banker, and real estate agent.  Heather and Scot came in on Saturday, May 21st to say goodbye to grandma and to help us clean her condo out.  They were live savers for me. By then we were emotional and physically exhausted and their help was just what was needed to finish up. On Tuesday, May 24th, my sister and her husband boarded the plane with mom and she moved to their home in Ohio. 

I am happy to report, Mom is doing much better in Ohio.  She is living with my sister and is eating regularly.  She still will not go to a doctor, but her mind is better because she is getting the nutrient she needed. Thanks for all the prayers.  

My brother in law and sister were so incredible during this time and their willingness to have mom live with them, to me is a gift I can never repay.  I can't thank them enough.  Heather and Scot came in just in time to give us enough energy to finish the job.  Scot stayed till the end, helping me with many loads to the trash and Goodwill, and the final lockup.  I am home now and enjoying again the blessings of being retired and on the road with Bob and Pralines.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Trip to the north: Meyers, Arch, and Gold Beaches

We decided this morning that it was bright and sunny and would be a good day to take a jet boat up the Rogue River.  We checked for the address and when reading the information found out that the trips started at 8:00 a.m. and it was about 10:30 a.m. and Gold Beach was about an hour away from where we were camped.  So we decided to go to Gold Beach anyway and book a trip for later in the week.  Pralines decided she wanted to go too.

The first view point we stopped at was Meyers Creek Beach.

Everywhere we looked was a beautiful view.

Our next viewpoint was at Arch Beach.

At last we arrived at Gold Beach Visitor's Center.

We picked up several brochures and got suggestions of places for lunch.  We decided we would go to the Curry Historical Museum in the Alice Wakeman Building. It was an interesting museum about that told the history of the local area.  Alice Wakeman was a teacher, and poet well-known in the area. That is probably why it interested me. It had artifacts of her life. Household items, doctor's instruments, school artifacts, Indian baskets and apparel.

This was a sampler of Alice's lace making.  Every young girl would make a similar sampler to show their skills.  After completing a sampler the next lace work a young girl would do would be numbered.

There were several award winning quilts. I always take pictures of quilts for my friend Shellie to see.  She is the queen of quilts as far as I'm concerned.

We next went to Jerry's Jet Boats and signed up for a 64 mile ride on Saturday.  We then went next door for lunch at the Port Hole.  It was very good.

This is the Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge across the Rogue River on Highway 101 at Gold Beach.  It was dedicated on May 28,1932.

Under the bridge we saw these cattle enjoying a little water.  Nature exists so close to civilization.  

As we entered our campsite, we saw a deer.  He was looking at us as we were looking at him.

Note:  We had to cancel our jet ride and it will be at least a week before any more blogs will appear, as I am flying to Tucson tomorrow to be with my mom.  My sister is flying in from Ohio and if Mom can, she will fly to  Ohio to stay with my sister.  I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Azalea City Park

We are now in Brookings, Oregon.  We are staying, At Rivers Edge on the Chetco River.  It is so beautiful.  After doing laundry this morning, we headed to the Azalea City Park.  These azaleas are native plants. The paths follow an original pack miners trail that was used by miners in the 1850's. The park was dedicated in 1939.

The park was right across the river from our campground.  They allowed dogs, so Pralines got to go and it made her very happy.

We thought the flowers were beautiful.  I don't think these pictures do the azaleas justice.  They have an Azalea Festival at the end of May.  Too bad we will be gone by then.  For the entertainment of locals and tourists alike, The American Music Festival, a free summer concert series is held in the park every year.

There was a lovely Chapel open every day and run by volunteers.  Perfect I thought for a wedding.

 Next we went to Harris Beach.  It was a lovely place to walk, but was very windy.  Two Miniature Schnauzers got to the beach just as we were walking up.  Pralines thought they were way too noisy. The owner called them the Terrible Twins.

Finally we went to see Brooking, Oregon's Harbor and Marina.

We decided to get an ice cream cone.  The lady at the ice cream place gave Pralines her own cone.  Pralines, Bob, and I thought it was the end of a good day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day we headed north from Eureka to a little seaside town called Trinidad.  Trinidad, California is a small town of 367 people on the north California coast  We checked on Yelp for a good restaurant and decided that Seascape was the place to go.  Bob called the night before and got a reservation for 12:30 p.m. Which we discovered was a very good thing, as there was a long line waiting.  Was nice to walk in and be seated in minutes at a bay side window.

This was our view from the window.  All these people didn't make reservations and were waiting for a table.  Each window had binoculars attached, so that you could check out the wild life.

View was outstanding!  Service terrific and food delicious.  Bob had a Spanish Omelet and I had a Crab Melt.  Both were super!!!

Fishing operations related to Trinidad Harbor are vital to both local tourism and commercial fishery interests in the

Trinidad Head Lighthouse was built in the Trinidad Harbor in 1871.  The lighthouse was buried in the sea by a huge wave in 1913.  The town of Trinidad Head constructed a facsimile of the tower in a park overlooking the harbor and installed the original lens in its structure.

Happy Mother's Day to all my blogging friends.  Hope your day was as special as mine.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lady Bird Johnson's Redwood Grove

We started the day by having breakfast at the Samoa Cookhouse on Humboldt Bay.  The Samoa Cookhouse is the last surviving cookhouse in the west.  It has continually been in operation for 105 years. You were served a lumber camp style meal featuring generous portions and friendly service. Only one choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We had scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, linked sausage, and hash brown potatoes, plus lumberjack size toast.

We then headed to the north, passed Arcata to the Redwood State and National Park and the Lady Bird Johnson Grove.  I don't think pictures can show the magnificants of these trees. We parked and walked a mile or more loop in this grove of Old Redwoods.  This park was site aside in 1968 by President Nixon in honor of Lady Bird Johnson and her love for the natural beauty of our country.

After our hike we headed to the Visitor's Center for the Redwood State and National Park, which is right on the bay.   I love the lupines!  One of my favorite children's book The Lupine Lady,  came to mind as I looked at these beautiful flowers

We had to stop for gas and I just wanted to share the price of gas her in Humboldt county.  Even thought the prices are crazy, the beauty of our country is worth it.  Don't you agree!

We headed to the city of Arcada to visit Humboldt University and to have lunch.  The town had a central plaza and we ate lunch at Luke's Place, which was very good.  I had a tomato and mozzarella salad that had balsamic dressing and a great olive paste.  The only problem was the lettuce was weeds and most of you know I don't like weed salads.  I ate the tomatoes and mozzarella balls, but the olive paste tasted so good, I had to eat a few weeds, as I thought licking the paste off probably won't look too good.  That ended a very fun and full day.