Saturday, October 26, 2013

Buddy Holly

Our last stop with Jackie and Chico before they head south was Lubbock, Texas.  Why Lubbock? Bob wanted to see the Buddy Holly Museum.  Get the glasses???

Scot came to Lubbock to spend the weekend with his friend Michael.  So the stop to say, "Hi" to us at the museum.

We all were at the right age to enjoy this museum.

The Buddy Holly material was all copyright protected, so no pictures.

Jerry Allison's house had been moved to the museum and pictures could be taken of the house.
Living room with portable TV.
And kitchen, remember the Revere Ware.

 Dining Room and a picture of the Crickets.

J I Allison's bedroom where the band practiced.

There also was a guitar exhibit. Which I include for my son in law, Craig.  I figure he will know who these guitars belonged to and what they did.  I never heard of any of these guys.

John Sprott's guitar.                                                                     David Brandon's guitar.

         Sonny Curtis' guitar.                                                            Jesse Taylor's guitar.  

Bob absolutely loved this museum. The host at the campground told us this museum would take 10 minutes and Michael who lived in Lubbock, also said 10 minutes.  We were there over 2 hours.

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