Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frontier Texas in Abilene

Our friend Jackie, told us to not miss Frontier Texas in Abilene.  We had been to a lot of museum on Texas recently but if Jackie recommended it.  We knew we'd not want to miss it.

The museum started telling the history of Texas, with the Native Americans story. 
The Comanche Indians were buffalo hunters.  They were a nomadic people who lived on the Texas plains.

At this innovative museum, technology and history come together . First person accounts are told by holograms.

The pioneering life was not easy, especially for women. Often the target of kidnapping by the Indian raiders.
This first person account tells of life for a woman on the plains.

Tools of the plains.

Another first person account of a African American, freed by his master, to hunt for his wife and daughters who had been kidnapped by Indians.  He was successful in finding his family and started a business of his own.  He was a teamster.

Wonderful time.  Lots of artifacts like this stage coach.

We had a great lunch at Lucy's Burgers.  Another Yelp's recommendation and now it has ours.

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